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Enjoy The Benefits Of FREE Coffee News Customer Service For Your Patrons

1. It provides customers with something highly pleasurable to do while waiting for their order or service, alone or with friends. It puts them in a good mood and distracts their attention from how fast the service is or why the person sitting next to them received their service first.

2. It satisfies a real need for single customers in particular as it provides them with something to read, keeping them occupied rather than having to sit and appear lost in thought so as not to stare unduly in anyone’s direction.

3. It satisfies a real need for customers who are shy or who are with someone who is NOT an avid conversationalist. Coffee News breaks the ice by giving them 6 – 8 humorous stories to talk about, their weekly horoscope, plus a whole variety of jokes and interesting facts etc. to share.

4. It’s short and sweet – not filling restaurant or waiting room chairs unproductively as reading regular newspapers might. It does its job and customers are encouraged to return it to the stand for others to enjoy, or take it with them – resulting in minimal fuss and bother for your staff.

5. The design is simple and easy to handle with one hand, leaving the other hand free for coffee. It never has to be put on the table over food to turn the pages, as a regular newspaper requires, thus cutting down on restaurant messes, spills and clean-ups.

6. It encourages customers to return to enjoy more issues, which helps the business add to its steady clientele base. It also provides customers with a variety of jokes and other fun things to entertain fellow employees, sales clients, and their friends.

7. The special Coffee News stands take up minimal counter space – usually at the cashier section of the restaurant, or other visible and easily accessible areas. Also, restaurants who place Coffee News at each table, or have their waiter/waitresses hand-deliver a Coffee News to customers – “to enjoy while you wait” – experience substantially increased sales, tips for employees, and most importantly, increased customer loyalty and frequency of visits – the lifeblood of any restaurant.

8. Since your business is actually supporting the neighbourhood businesses who advertise in Coffee News, they help to keep their local business community flourishing, which in turn, provides financially-capable, paying customers to keep them financially prosperous.

9. Its appearance is highly professional and distinctive – black ink on a good quality “coffee-coloured” paper for a totally unique look. The ads are designed to be surprisingly eye-catching – and a good part of the “fun”. Even the finest restaurants will find Coffee News more than a welcome addition to their customer service.

10. There’s a saying, “You never forget your first Coffee News”. Once introduced, it doesn’t take long for restaurant customers to discover where to get it and become avid readers of Coffee News. Since most restaurant-goers seem to settle on five or less restaurants they regard as favourites, the availability of Coffee News at these particular restaurants can become a deciding factor on which to favour. The restaurateur who carries Coffee News will invariably receive more repeat business at the expense of a favourite restaurant that does not offer Coffee News.

11. As a courtesy to all our restaurant, hotel and coffee shop clients in cities that rely mainly on residents for their income, we also offer the protection that no business in the restaurant, hotel or food service industry will be allowed to advertise in Coffee News. Although most restaurants would love to have an ad, they are disallowed automatically. No restaurant would welcome their competitor’s efforts to take away their customers and the Coffee News® supports that!

12. IT’S FREE!!! The service (including the stands and weekly delivery of as many Coffee News as needed) is FREE to all restaurants, hotels and coffee shops, etc. who request it.

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